Teaching Macromolecules in Biology

Can I be honest? Teaching macromolecules could very well be one of the most boring topics in Biology! Well….it was for me….until last year, when I decided to re-vamp my lesson plan to include more engaging activities. Today, on the blog, I am sharing some ideas for Teaching Macromolecules in Biology.

Teaching Biomolecules in Biology


One of my most effective teaching strategies is to expose students to content BEFORE it’s taught. That is the purpose of my Introduction to Macromolecules Close Reading Packet. This resource allows students to get foundational information so that I can build on that knowledge later with a lesson. To get a FREE copy of my Macromolecules Close Reading Packet, click here.

Lesson and Notes

After my students have established a foundational understanding of the four macros, I quickly run through a lesson that showcases each macromolecule, its structure, function and importance. The lesson can get a little boring, so I provide my students with Science scribbles that allows them to doodle and color while I teach. My lesson and notes are part of my Macromolecules Lesson Bundle. Check it out here.

Macromolecules Video

To reinforce the information shared in the lesson, I always show a 5-10 minute video that explains the four macromolecules. Here are a few of my favorites:

Amoeba Sisters- Biomolecules

Crash Course Biology- You Are What you Eat

Bozeman Science- The Molecules of Life

Macromolecules Manipulatives & Interactive Notebook Page

My students do pretty well with the content until we start talking chemistry. The structure and components that comprise each of the macromolecules is often difficult to grasp. In an effort to help my students understand this concept, I construct macromolecules with my students. I physically walk them through the entire process of coloring, cutting and pasting each monomer to create a structural representation of the polymers discussed. This one lesson is the “light bulb” moment for many of my students and just the activity that I need to help them understand a seemingly difficult concept. This activity is part of my Macromolecules Lesson Bundle that can be previewed here.

Macromolecules Murder Mystery

This part of the lesson is always a student favorite! Who doesn’t love a good mystery? I set the stage for this murder mystery by creating a little intrigue (see image).

I provide the students with a sample of “evidence” and they must test the evidence for proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. Once they determine the macros present in the evidence, they will use information that I provide them to solve the case!

This fun lab is part of my Macromolecules Lesson Plan Bundle. Check out a preview here.

Macromolecules Review

Before assessing my students, I have them get out of their seats for a gallery walk. I hang 28 task cards around the inside of the classroom and outside hallway and have students work with a partner to review. Students love having the opportunity to move around the classroom and this resource is the perfect review before their test.

This review activity is part of my Macromolecules Lesson Plan Bundle. Get it here!

I hope that you found something that you can use to make your next MACROMOLECULES lesson informative, fun and engaging! Talk to ya soon!

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