Grudgeball: An Engaging Classroom Review Game

It’s no secret that I love a good ole classroom review game. I discovered grudgeball a few years ago and love how engaged my students become when we play. Not only is it easy to set up, but I love that it encourages team work and friendly competition. My students literally beg to play this game! Today, on the blog, I am sharing how to play Grudgeball: An Engaging Classroom Review Game.

Grudgeball: An Engaging Classroom Review Game

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Supplies Needed:


Begin by typing up some review questions to display on your classroom white board. I have created a GRUDGEBALL REVIEW GAME TEMPLATE resource that will save you tons of time! All you have to do is type in your review questions! You can grab that resource here.

Grudgeball: An Engaging Classroom Review Game

You will need to set up a free-throw area. I put down colored tape and position it about 5-6 feet from my basketball hoop/trashcan.

On your classroom whiteboard, you will need to list each team and start each team with 10 Xs (see picture). If you don’t have a classroom whiteboard, you can use play money or poker chips and start each group with $10 or 10 poker chips.

Playing grudgeball in the classroom

You will need to place your students in teams/groups. Each team will need a whiteboard, eraser, and dry erase marker. Here is what my classroom set-up looks like:

How to Divide Your Teams

Divide your class into teams of 3-4 students. Provide each team with a whiteboard, dry erase marker, and an eraser (I use an old sock). Designate a number for each team (team 1, team 2, team 3, etc.).

grudgeball classroom review game

Game Play

Display the first review question and have the first team answer the question by writing it on their whiteboard. If they answer correctly, they can send a representative to the points board to erase two Xs. They can remove two Xs from the same team or they can remove one X from two different teams. Then, they have the opportunity to shoot. If they ring the basket, they can “steal” an X from an opposing team. This means that they can erase an X from any team and add the X to their team. (This is where it gets really competitive!)

What if a Team Answers Incorrectly?

When a team answers incorrectly, the question gets diverted to another team. I keep a cup with each group’s number in it. If a group answers incorrectly, I draw a number from the cup and that team gets the opportunity to answer the question. This keeps students on task because they never know when a question will be diverted to them. It’s completely random. If a question is diverted to another group and they answer correctly, they can erase two Xs from the board and have the opportunity to shoot for a steal.

If you are using my GRUDGEBALL GAME TEMPLATE, I have embedded some fun bonus shot slides (complete with sound effects)! This will provide students with a fun and spontaneous opportunity to earn additional Xs for their team.

How to Determine a Winner

The game continues, rotating from team to team until you run out of questions or time. The winner is determined by the team that has the most Xs on the board.

What if a team runs out of Xs? Let them continue to play. Otherwise, they will get bored and this creates a classroom management nightmare. They can earn Xs by answering the review question correctly AND completing their shot. If you are using my GRUDGEBALL GAME TEMPLATE, there are bonus slides embedded that will give teams the chance to earn Xs.

Grudgeball: An Engaging Classroom Review Game is one of those competitive games that’s loved by alI students. I even had our basketball coach drop in when she heard we were playing. She wanted to join in on the fun and show the kids how to “shoot the shot!” I love the simplicity of use and the very minimal prep that this game offers.  It’s perfect for any grade level and any content area. Having a ready-to-go template makes lesson planning easy! If you give it a try, I promise your kids will LOVE it. 

Until next time… happy teaching!

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