Ideas for Decorating Your Science Classroom

I calculated that I spend approximately 1500+ hours in my classroom in a year; therefore, I want it to be aesthetically pleasing! It’s been a work in progress, but I am finally happy with my high school science classroom and I am excited to share it with you! In case you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your own classroom, I am devoting today’s blog post completely to my classroom wall decor.

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#1: 7 Habits Posters

Anytime these posters show up on Instagram or my TikTok videos, I get questions about them. A few years ago, I read Sean Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. I loved the book so much that I decided to make posters as “talking points” for me and my students. These posters hang in the front of my classroom and students often ask about them. It’s the perfect opportunity to share the key principles of this amazing book. If you’d like to use these posters in your own classroom, click HERE. (Note: This is an automatic download. Check your downloads folder to access the file.)

#2: Elements of a Successful Student Door

I love to decorate the door to my classroom for the start of the school year and this is the one that I use! It’s a printable bundle that is so easy to print, cut, and hang! You could totally use this for a bulletin board or wall decoration, but I love it on the outside of my classroom door. To grab this print-and-hang decor set, click HERE.

#3: Inspirational Posters

This is the part of my classroom that is my absolute favorite! I love the look of these inspirational posters and they were so easy to throw together. I printed these quotes and used my school’s poster maker to enlarge them to 24 x 18 inches. Then, I purchased these poster frames from Amazon and used velcro strips to hold them to the wall.

The “SCIENCE” letters came from Michaels. I ordered the 13 inch and spray painted them black.

The farmhouse lights came from Amazon. I removed the wiring and attached them to the wall. Then, I added these battery powered puck lights that use a remote to turn them on/off and change the colors. This is one of my favorite spaces!

#4: More Inspirational Posters

I just love how this bulletin board turned out. I love the bright colors against the black background. It’s the perfect neutral board that could work for any classroom. I created these posters that I printed on Astrobright paper so all I had to do was print and hang them (so simple)! The border, background paper, and accessories came from Amazon.

#5: Marquee Letter Board

For this space, I ordered these marquee letters from Amazon. I spray painted meter sticks black and attached them to the wall with Velcro strips. The letters just prop on the meter sticks. I love that I can change out these phrases for holidays, upcoming events, and countdowns!

#6: Progress Monitoring Board and Standards Wall

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am a fan of progress monitoring! I devote an entire space in my classroom to our class progress board. If you are interested in checking out how I use progress monitoring in my classroom, click here. I offer a webinar where I explain the entire process and offer the downloads that you see pictured here (for FREE).

#7: Wall of Fame

On my wall of fame, I showcase student work. My students love seeing their work displayed on this board. If you have a space in your classroom that you’re not quite sure how to decorate, let me suggest a wall of fame.

I hope that today’s post gave you some inspiration and ideas for decorating your science classroom. Until next time….

Happy Teaching!

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