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7 Activities To Add To Your Forensic Toxicology Unit

One of my favorite topics to teach in Forensics is toxicology. This topic always fosters deep conversations with my students and they are always engaged in the activities that comprise this unit. Today on the blog, I am sharing 7 activities to add to your Forensic Toxicology unit. If you

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20 Virtual Labs & Activities for Forensic Science

As a new school year approaches, Forensics teachers across the world are scrambling to find virtual labs and activities for their Forensic Science classrooms. In my collaborative Facebook group for Forensic Science teachers, the question “How do we virtually teach such a hands-on course?” comes up in conversation on a

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TRASH-ketball: Classroom Review Game

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I love a good ‘ole review game. Any time that I can generate engagement by creating a competitive classroom environment, I’m game! (Pun intended!) Since it’s March, I really wanted to create a classroom review with the March Madness

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Christmas Science Activities

5 Engaging Christmas Science Activities

Right now, as I am writing this post, the smell of my Balsam candle fills the room. My Pandora sings me sweet Christmas classics and my tree lights are illuminating my office. I guess you could say, I am READY for Christmas! I absolutely love EVERYTHING about the month of

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