Classroom Crockpot Hot Chocolate

About 5 years ago, I started hosting “Starbucks Mode” in my classroom leading up to Christmas break. It’s always a hit with my students and I enjoy whipping up a batch of my famous classroom crockpot hot chocolate and serving my students.

classroom crockpot hot chocolate

As my students enter the classroom, I give them a “Starbucks Mode” order form. They select their preferences and turn it in. As they work, I (as their barista) serve them with a smile! I don’t plan anything fancy- just a study guide, research activity, or something for the students to work independently while I fill orders.

What’s this famous recipe? Well….I’m glad you asked! Here’s the recipe for my classroom crockpot hot chocolate:

Add a little holiday music and you’ve got a day that your students won’t soon forget.

Happy holidays!

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