Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Forensics

Celebrate Valentine's Day in Forensics

Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to incorporate some research into your forensics curriculum. To play into the “love” theme, I like to host a LOVE CRIMES SPEED DATING EVENT in my classroom. In a nutshell, students research a famous “love crime” and create a dating profile for one of the “lovers” involved. Then, students showcase their research through a classroom speed dating event that boasts of 100% engagement from every student! It’s the perfect way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Forensics.

Valentine's Day Forensics Activity

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How It Works:

I like to spread this activity over the course of 2 class periods. On the first day, students select their “lover.” Note: I have my students research a pre-determined case, but you could totally have your students research their own. I have 40 “love crimes” ready to go and my students draw a case from this green basket. This ensures that I don’t have students researching the same case.

Once students select their case, it’s time for research. Students scrape the innerwebs for information about a key player involved in a love crime. They showcase their findings on a dating profile sheet that I provide to them. Their dating profile also includes a fun pick-up line, which is always a fun part of this activity. (Note: I do require that students have their pick-up lines approved by me.)

On day 2, I transform my classroom. My desks get rearrange so that I have pairs of students facing one another. Then, I place pink tea-light candles on each desk and I change my light bulbs to pink bulbs to set the mood. I find a love-themed playlist on Spotify and dim the lights.

Love Crimes Speed Dating Activity

Time for Speed Dating:

During the speed dating event, students have 2 minutes to share about themselves (as a key player in a love crime). After two minutes, I ring my doorbell to signal a conversation change. At this time, the student’s partner will then spend two minutes sharing about themselves. While students are sharing, their partner must complete a dating profile worksheet for each “date.”

Forensics Speed Dating Activity

After four minutes have passed, I ring the doorbell again to indicate a “date change.” Students rotate to a new date and the timer begins again. I continue this until students rotate back to their original date.

During the activity, I serve the students Poison Punch. It adds a little flare to the activity and the kids love sipping on their punch while they “date.”

Want this activity?

Are you ready to level up your Valentine’s Day lesson plan? Grab my Love Crimes Speed Dating Activity for a ready-to-go, engaging lesson. This activity includes: the direction slides (shown in above images), a dating profile template, the speed dating student worksheet, teacher instructions, and a list of 35 “love crimes” that you could use for inspiration. It’s the perfect, no-fuss way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in forensics.

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