A Fun Activity for Teaching Lab Procedures

Today on the blog….a fun activity for teaching lab procedures.

Setting the stage for the school year involves teaching procedures and routines. I spend the first two weeks of school teaching my students how my classroom works and this includes discussing lab procedures and expectations. After reviewing basic lab rules, I have my students conduct what my students call “the greatest lab of all time.”

A Fun Activity for Teaching Lab Procedures

What is it?

It’s a lab! But not just any lab…. It’s a super FUN lab!

What do the students do?

Basically, the students follow a recipe where they make slime. Throughout the recipe, I have embedded some pretty crazy tasks that my students must complete. A lot of laughs are shared by the students and I have a blast watching them work through the crazy “add-ins”

A Fun Activity for Teaching Lab Procedures

What’s the point?

The first line of my student lab sheet says, “FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN ORDER.” Each part of the lab, as silly as it is, tasks the students with following both written and oral instructions.

science lab procedures activity

I use this activity to place students in lab groups for the first time. Popsicle sticks are my go-to for putting students into groups.

Once in their lab groups, students designate roles within the group. Every lab group must have the following: a recorder (writer/typer), a reporter (speaks on behalf of the group), a secretary (the organizer of the group), and a janitor (responsible for clean up).

At the end of the lab, I give my students specific instructions for washing, drying, and putting away their lab equipment. I use these clean lab supply baskets for equipment that is clean and ready for storage.

A Fun Activity for Teaching Lab Procedures

Where can I get this activity?

Click HERE for a free copy of this fun activity for teaching lab procedures.

Until next time…. Happy Teaching!

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